About Us

Silver Rays cosmetics brand is a very high and reputable quality  beauty products that was clinically and specifically made for corrective measures, enhance and gives  glamorous, calm and long lasting beautiful outlook to the skin.

Who We Are

We are what we consume! An adage that portrays that we consume as a person determines the state of our health, either positively or negatively.

Begin in a positive or good healthy condition is the main reason why SILVER RAYS MAKEUP U.S.A product is been introduce to the main steam of makeup world.

Silver Rays makeup U.S.A products were clinically made not only to enhance your beauty, but also to protect and preserve your skin against the excesses and unfavorable radiation of the sun, which causes eczema irritation, rashes, or even cancerous symptoms.

These are the product we have as follows:

  1. Foundation powder: is a definition powder, waterproofed and also contains sun blocking elements called (S.F.C) which protects your face from the damage caused by excess radiation of sunlight, this gives you a very calm, cool, glamourous and long-lasting outlook.
  2. Compact Powder: Silver Rays powder was clinically made that even without applying foundation, it will give you a great coverage, glamourous and seductive outlook with long lasting effects.
  3. Face Definer: this also like compact powder will definitely give you a very seducing outlook finish with long lasting effects
  4. Lip Stick and Lip Gloss: this is a very charming and over 24hrs lasting lip gloss that bring calm on your lips.

Other product are as follows:
Foundation face primer, Eyeshadow primer, Powder pallet, Eyeshadow pallets, Eyeshadow of smaller denomination, Concealers, Eye body filler, Eye liners, Eyebrow pencil- colour blade, drown and deep brown, makeup brushes etc.



Silver Rays .  U.S.A.)   Is a duly registered trade mark and exclusively belong to Silver  Rays Global Concept  ltd. And it is not transferable……

Silver  rays global concept ltd , a subsidiary of Mystica Rose Nig. Ent. is a reputable company well known for dealing in unique and high quality beauty products such as cosmetics, hair accessories, children beads, combs  and other beauty linked product.

Our products are widely sold in various big markets nationwide.

Our head office is at progressive market, Mystica Rose Plaza, trade fair Complex. We can be reached on the following numbers and social Medias

Nation Wide Sales

Our Products are sold nation-wide and also in other neighboring African countries.


When it comes to quality, we endeavour to always give our customers the best.

Best Offers

We also give our wholesales and retail customer good offers from time to to.

Secure Payments

We deal with the best and secured payments platforms available in Africa.